What is Farm to Table?

A social movement of fostering relationships with local farmers and procuring locally grown foods to create a unique and sustainable dining experience. View our video below.

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"For a meal to work truly, it must be an experience. From the moment a guest arrives to the moment they set their napkin down they must be enchanted. More importantly the giver of food must believe that they have the power to enchant. No person, whether she is a scientist or a cook, can find success if she doesn't first believe that she holds the power in her hands - not to use over people, but to use for the good of another. Food especially is about giving. A cook must find a way to make the recipient a believer, for what is a person who sits down to a beautiful meal but someone who wants to believe!" 

 - The Glass Kitchen, Linda Francis Lee


If you are interested in a private Farm To Table Dinner experience, please CONTACT us. We love hosting private parties, receptions, charity dinner, weddings and more!