Sunday Dinner. A Farm To Table Event at Old Quail Run Farm.

Did your family have Sunday dinners growing up? It’s an old fashioned tradition that our family has protected and held onto. We gather at Mom’s house, each household contributing a portion of the meal. We laugh, we fellowship, get into a little trouble (shooting contest, anyone?) and problem solve whatever needs worked out in each other’s lives. Coincidentally, it just so happens that our best ideas magically appear over full bellies, coffee and Meme’s famous dessert. Go figure!

Last weekend’s Farm To Table Dinner at Old Quail Run Farm was on a Sunday. Inspired by my own family’s Sunday suppers and the simple blue and white country charm of new service ware, I decided to serve a version of our family’s Sunday dinner, filled with satisfying comfort food.

The warmth of family and the soul penetrating hug of southern comfort go hand in hand for the Taylor-Dishners. Loaded macaroni and cheese, Meme’s mashed potatoes, garlic and rosemary beef, asparagus, savory squash soup and individual fruit cobblers filled our barn with the smells and tastes that only a family dinner can provide.

Almost every morsel that graced our tables was provided by our local family of farmers, a community of growers and ranchers who are fighting the good fight to provide the very best food for all of us in North Texas. What an honor to support them and showcase their labor of love on our table.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about 25 Things We Learned After 25 Years of Marriage. If you haven’t read it, you can HERE. If I can add a number 26 (and I can!), it would be to surround yourself with family and friends on a regular basis. Even if it’s not on a Sunday, family dinners work wonders on the soul and put a positive spin on our outlook for the whole week. I challenge you to plan one today!

*Our next Farm to Table event is a pop up dinner at Square Cloud Winery in Gunter, TX. Find out more information HERE. Want to support our local farmers, but new to farm to table cooking? I’m offering a Fundamentals of Farm To Table Cooking class during Vintage Barn Sale. You can register HERE and learn more about Vintage Barn Sale HERE. We can’t wait to see you on the farm friends!

Interested in hosting a private party or farm to table dinner in our barn? Contact me HERE.

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Many thanks to the fabulous farmers below:

Amelia’s Farm

Wesson Farms

S&P Ranches

Arrow G Ranch

Photography by Melinda Ortley.