Inspired to Say Yes to Your Dreams at our next Gather & Grow Workshop

How many of you plan an idea to death? You have this great idea that feels right to your soul, but it gets stuck in the quick sand of planning. While you are figuring out every detail and aspect, trying to create “perfection”, it sinks deeper and deeper into the quick sand until you can no longer see, and most importantly, you can no longer feel it. The passion and desire you once had is now gone, you’re no longer connected, and the idea moves on.

Kelly Welk* sat at an informational gathering on sex trafficking. Wondering “what if it were my children” she felt compelled to come up with a way to help. She asked herself what if we held a dinner for fiends and asked them to pay, donating all of the proceeds to fight sex trafficking.

Since that first dinner 5 years ago, Kelly has hosted over 500 people and donated over $30,000. She didn’t wait until she had the perfect venue…that first dinner was in her back yard. She didn’t wait until she made the connections with THE chef or calligrapher for invitations or florist or mixologist; and the list could go on & on, right? Kelly had an idea, something that pierced her soul and that she ALLOWED to develop. She said YES to that voice inside of her and said NO to the resistance that holds so many of us back.

What is even more amazing is this idea evolved from her back yard to the Italian countryside, where while on vacation with her family, she hosted the first Freedom Dinner style benefit gathering INTERNATIONALLY. The places our dream can take us is beyond our wildest imaginations!

What’s tugging at your insides? What idea just won’t let you rest; a dream, mission or idea that excites and terrifies you all at the same time?

This is hard stuff, friends. Let’s tackle it together, with Kelly Welk leading the way at our next Gather & Grow Workshop. Let me be honest with you, I started this workshop because it’s the workshop I NEED, too. When I am planning each Gather & Grow, I pray before I reach out to a potential guest speaker, and always, the one that says YES is the one we need the most.

So, who’s with me? Who wants to get inspired by Kelly to move forward, feeling empowered to doing the scary and exciting things we all dream about? Join me friends!

Our spring Gather & Grow Workshop is on Saturday, May 4th from 10am-4pm. Tickets are $55 and include 2 speakers (Kelly Welk & Lisa Shields), a light brunch, drinks, a catered lunch, a cooking demo by Jennifer Taylor and a macrame craft by the Hilo Sisters.

Grab your tribe of women and purchase tickets below.

Along with Kelly Welk, Old Quail Run Farm is hosting a Freedom Dinner on Friday May 3rd with all proceeds benefitting Rescue Freedom: International.

*Kelly Welk is incredible passionate about using your everyday life to make a bigger impact for yourself and others. She loves speaking into women’s lives and encouraging them to pursue where they are feeling called to, from right where they are at.

Kelly has founded Ciderpress Lane Fair Trade Shop, written a cookbook called Dinner Changes Everything, that tells the story of the Freedom Dinners , written a book called Dream Catcher and launched an online community, the Dream Catcher Community, to encourage women in their pursuits.

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